July 27, 2015A year of research and study finally paid off this week with a triumphant first-ever-modern performance of Fromental Halevy's enchanting "Promethee Enchaine" Cantata at the Atlantic Music Festival. Despite a glowing review by Berlioz, despite its distinction as the first piece of modern Western Music to use quarter-tones, the piece had not been performed since its 1849 premiere in Paris!

Jonathan Schiffman Photo

“This is a name to watch... Schiffman intensified, emphasised and conjured up the images so vividly, that you could reconstruct the storyline of the fairytale even if you had never heard it before.”

- S├╝dkurier, September 23, 2010

“The National Orchestra of France produced a magical kaleidoscope of orchestral color under the poised direction of Jonathan Schiffman.”

- Le Monde, February 17, 2006

“Schiffman has it all: a beautiful and precise technique, stage presence, and a natural authority, breathing new life into the orchestra - one of cohesion and impressive vitality.”

- La Provence, October 07, 2007