Viy by Gogol Free eBook App

Viy by Gogol Free eBook App


  • Integrated fully functional book App with book content, book reader navigation and configuration features
  • Book content loads with the App and is available on the device at all times even when offline
  • Book App offers natural look and feel to book reading experience
  • Switch between day or night time reading to illuminate the screen automatically without the need for external lighting
  • Configure colour of your pages and how they flip or scroll on your screen
  • Choose appropriate font size for your perfect reading experience
  • The App will remember when you finished reading last time or use bookmarks to remember specific locations in the book
  • Easy access to each chapter via menu navigation feature (click catalogue in the app menu)
  • Search the book using key words, phrases or lines (click more in the menu and then search)
  • Define font size, line space, font colour and background (click main app menu, more, config)

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