anMoney Budget & Finance (Kindle Fire Edition)

anMoney Budget & Finance (Kindle Fire Edition)


  • ◊ Works with your MS Money/ Quicken / SPB Finance / Cash Organizer export files. (QIF, OFX)
  • ◊ Full featured and flexible budgeting (yearly, monthly, weekly, biweekly)
  • ◊ 4 widgets for quick and easy data entry and one-glance access to your budget and upcoming bills
  • ◊ Recurring bills/deposits with many different schedules, including biweekly pay checks. Reminders can be set right into your device’s calendar
  • ◊ Split transactions for more accurate budgeting and reporting
  • ◊ Privacy with password/PIN security
  • ◊ Never worry about your data with automatic backups on a customizable schedule
  • ◊ Two-level editable categories and optional classifications (projects)
  • ◊ Colorful reports and charts with drill-down (exportable to PDF, CSV or as a web-page)
  • ◊ Customized reports can be saved for easy reuse.
  • ◊ Multi-currency
  • ◊ Your data can be exported to standard QIF or CSV

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